How I fly and travel light

‘How do you do it? You fly with hand luggage only? You have to teach me to pack and travel like you do!’ Since 2010, I've travelled with carry on luggage only. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand - it doesn’t matter where I go, I no longer lug suitcases. I pack and carry 7 kgs only - and you can do it too.

Planepack is my light travel philosophy, my tao of travel: how I pack, fly and travel with carry on luggage only.


Packing light is an art: roll, fold, vacuum pack - you choose the style that suits you best. But your contents determine how light or how heavy your bag is. I weigh, weigh and weigh again to get in under the average 7 kgs limit. 


For the past few trips, I've cut back on things I take with me: no unnecessary clothes; fewer appliances - just the essentials. But I carry the killer necklace for an evening out. My packing might be plain, but I still like a little glamour.


Grab a glass of wine; settle on the sofa and listen to real people talking about light travel.

Let Planepack lift your spirits as we chat to interesting light packers and travellers.