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BOOM! A review

BOOM! A review


I discovered BOOM! by Cindy Joseph through their online campaign. I was impressed by Cindy's claim that she wasn't producing 'anti-ageing' products. Rather her approach was to embrace ageing. And as a 60+ woman, I totally agree!

This BOOM! product is three 'sticks': a moisturiser; a highlighter, and a colour or blush. 

The BOOM! stick trio

The BOOM! stick trio

I hardly wear makeup - just lipstick - so it's rare for me to try something like this, but I thought this trio would be perfect for Planepack. On a recent trip to Brisbane, I packed my BOOM! trio with me.

Boomstick glo

The first little stick I tried is the moisturiser. This natural product is mostly beeswax and you can use it on any part of your body. I tried it out on my face. At first, using the stick applicator felt a little unusual - different from applying my moisturiser with my fingers - and I put on too much. You can't see how much you're applying. But the second time around I got the hang of it and zipped the applicator over my face easily.

I demonstrate how I use solid-state BOOM! travel cosmetics

I used the moisturiser for three days. At first I was sceptical: I didn't expect it to be as good as my regular moisturiser, but I was pleasantly surprised as my skin remained supple and hydrated. I'm not sure if that was due to the higher humidity in Brisbane, but whatever the reason, my face and skin looked good.

Boomstick color

The second stick I used was the blush. Out of the three sticks, I like this one the best. I was delighted with the colour effect on my cheeks - why haven't I used blush for such a long time? According to Cindy, you can use the colour on your neck and forehead if you need to, but I stayed with it on my cheeks. You can also use the colour stick on your lips. I tried that and the quality was good, but I found the colour a little dark for the day - and not quite dramatic enough for a night out. I may change my mind in the future as I use it a bit more.

Boomstick glimmer

This is the most sophisticated stick - as far as I'm concerned - as it adds real shimmer to your skin. I used it on my eyes, under my eyebrows, as a highlighter. You can use it wherever you want to add a bit of glamour: on your shoulders, your cleavage, elsewhere on your face. I was a bit hesitant to slap it on all over myself, but I did rub it into my shoulders for a bit of sun kissed style.

Slobodanka  wearing BOOM! in Brisbane

Slobodanka  wearing BOOM! in Brisbane

The packaging

There are two things that I think would improve the product, and both are to do with the packaging. I really like the little sticks: the size and weight are good - although I'm not sure how much of the contents remains. I'm reluctant to roll out the whole stick in case I can't return it to it's case. But one issue is with picking the right stick quickly. All three sticks are white - and the only way to distinguish between them is to read the labels. If the containers were different colours or had bigger labels, that might be helpful to pick the right stick.

The second issue is that I sometimes struggled to click closed the little sticks. They didn't respond well to my pressing down the lids. I did manage to close them eventually, but I wasn't confident that they were staying closed. They didn't produce a satisfying click on closure. In fact the sticks did stay closed, but I was a little annoyed that I had to press and press them to do so. Maybe there's a technique I'm missing.

The price

I paid AU$116 for the three stick trio, which is on the high side for those three products. But I think it's worth it for the travel convenience and the quality of the products.

The outcome

I loved wearing my BOOM products for my Brisbane night out. I felt glamorous and my skin glowed. I would definitely use this trio again when I travel. The sticks are light, take up very little space in my toiletry bag and pass the customs test of being under 100 ml in volume. And I might even use the products in my daily life - for that extra shimmer next time I'm out and about.

BOOM! is available for purchase at BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.


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