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How much do your carry on toiletries weigh?

How much do your carry on toiletries weigh?

Travel light weigh-in

In the past, when I packed my toiletries, I never paid much attention to their individual weights; I'd pack what I used every day. Since becoming an extreme light traveler, I've adopted a more stringent approach. Each item is weighed and catalogued for future reference!

How else would you know what to take and what to leave behind? A good example is my moisturiser. I'm well within my carry on limit of 100 ml per item - my jar contains 50 ml - but look at the weight: a hefty 229 grams! I'm looking for a lighter alternative and think I've found it with BOOM!

Planepack toiletries calculator

I've created this handy little calculator to encourage you to do the same: weigh all your toiletries before packing them. That way you'll know exactly how much they weigh. And knowing that, you can add, subtract and modify any items so that you don't exceed your carry on limit. I generally pack about one kilogram of toiletries. It's astonishing how quickly that weight mounts up.

I've made this calculator available for you to download. To make it really easy for you to use, I've produced this video - explaining the lists and the formulae:

I demonstrate a neat little calculator to weigh your travel toiletries. With this product, you can add or remove individual toiletry items - knowing how this will affect your final carry on.

Download your free calculator

I've created this calculator using Excel so this is an interactive file. I imagine that you would want to add or change your quantities and toiletry items yourselves. Don't panic if you delete the formulae: just copy the formula from another cell; they're mostly the same and easy to apply.

The contents and weights of Slobodanka's carry on toiletry bag

The contents and weights of Slobodanka's carry on toiletry bag

I'm not an Excel expert - I'm sure many of you are better at using this tool than I am - so please let me know how you would enhance the calculator.

So, download the file. Save it to your desktop, your tablet or your smartphone - and then try it out. I look forward to your feedback: Is it helpful? Challenging or easy to use? If you like it, I might make a clothing calculator next . . . or something else? Let me know!

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Need more time? Travel light.

Need more time? Travel light.

BOOM! A review

BOOM! A review