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How to find the best shampoo for successful light travel

How to find the best shampoo for successful light travel

Light travel

Since 2010, I've been travelling with carry-on luggage only. That's 7kgs for clothes and toiletries so I'm always on the lookout for light products. This week I'm testing shampoo.

How to travel light using the best shampoo


Isn't it weird how important hair is to our looks? We all spend time and effort on getting our hair just right: shampoos, conditioners, hair cuts, products and treatments. But what about when you travel? My tip is to leave your hair as natural as possible - let that curl take over: experiment with the real you!

But you still need to wash. While some people no longer use shampoo, claiming we don't need these detergents in our lives, I'm still fond of a good lather, whether at home or on holiday.

For many years I've travelled with small travel-sized bottles of shampoo, leaving the big bottles of shampoo and conditioner at home. Based on my usage, a small bottle will last me two weeks. Luckily, if I'm staying at a hotel, I can use the complimentary shampoo available. I've noticed these days most hotels provide a body + hair wash in one.

Lush soap

Lush soap

But if you still want to take your own shampoo - and like me you want to travel light and avoid any unnecessary spillage - I recommend you try a compact or compressed shampoo.

I bought myself one of these Lush shampoos - which smells gorgeous by the way - for my recent trip to Japan. It turned out that I didn't need to take shampoo as every hotel had wonderful products, but this compact cake enhanced my stay as my toiletry bag smelled nice.

Lush soap tin

Lush soap tin

Back home, I tried the shampoo and it lathers up really well. To avoid a messy cake of compact shampoo in your bag, I suggest you buy this small tin specifically for your shampoo - also available from Lush - perfect for travel transport.

The advantages of travelling with a cake of soap versus liquid soap are many: the compact soap is lighter than a liquid bottle; you don't have to worry about the amount of liquid you have in your carry-on toiletry bag - staying well within the 900 ml maximum take on; the soap will never leak all over your other toiletries or clothes; the compact tin is so easy to transport and carry - and if you just want to use it as a pleasant smelling bag freshener, that's good as well!

If you want to go the compact shampoo route (Planepack way of course), I suggest you visit the Lush store as they have many different shampoos to choose from.

I'd love to hear from you: what dry or other shampoos do you use and recommend for light travel?

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