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My Planepack Top 10 Tips*

My Planepack Top 10 Tips*

  1. Take the lightest possible cabin bag, preferably one with wheels.

  2. Consider where you’re going and specifically what you need to wear each day you’re away. The time of year and climate play a role in this part of the plan.

  3. Ensure you have all your required clothes and accessories.

  4. Stock up on anything that’s missing, for example, this year I bought and wore compression socks for the first time.

  5. Lay everything out on your bed to confirm a) You have everything you need and b) everything coordinates in colour and style.

  6. Pack your bag and weigh it. This stage excludes toiletries; you can adjust the weight by reducing the number of toiletries you take with you.

  7. Consider what toiletries are essential and make sure you take only them.

  8. Consider what you need to take on board in your handbag.

  9. The night before you leave, prepare everything that goes into your hand luggage.

  10. The final pack: your clothes; your toiletries, and your hand luggage. This is a good time to remove some things: do you really, really need that pair of shoes?

* OK! Who counted the kitties? - this post is for you!

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Happy holidays: how to travel lightly and nimbly

Happy holidays: how to travel lightly and nimbly