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How to liberate yourself with light travel

How to liberate yourself with light travel

Liberate yourself with light travel

“I was very proud of myself on my last trip to Sydney taking the smallest carry on bag in the house as I was doing some gallery hopping before getting to my destination for the night. So all of your posts have slowly been working on my psyche in the background. Some commented that it was a revolution to see me with such tiny luggage. And yes I did feel liberated.” - Josie

I was delighted to read this comment, particularly that Josie ‘did feel liberated’. Why does travelling with light luggage do that for you? I have a few ideas - and so do others.

Carry a light bag only

“I over did it for sure last trip. And now know that at 65 I can't manage the weight of excessive luggage any more. I exhausted myself and my partner, as I have bursitis etc. Away from Australia for 7 weeks to make the most of O/S flight costs with an upmarket cruise in the middle. We had two suitcases each - one for DIY travel and sightseeing and one for cruise wear. So many tube stations in and around London don't have escalators or lifts. So many older British B&B houses have multiple levels of stairs and no lifts. Never again. Will have to rethink the whole thing now. Go lite.” - Susanna

Planepack luggage weight

Use a packing list

“I make a list each time I travel and pack it with my travel accessories to use next time. The day I come home I usually revise what worked and what didn't. I also pack a bathing suit as most nice hotels, cruise ships have indoor pools or hot tubs.. Also hair products, small siccors, sunscreen, makeup remover, baby wipes maybe bug spray depending where I'm going.” - Karen

You wardrobe is pre-prepared

“I am also one of those who packs less and less as the years go by, and I travel mostly in the cooler seasons. One pair of shoes/ankle booties, two pairs of black pants, about five tops, and a zippered, structured jersey sort-of-a-jacket. Mostly black, so I look like I'm in mourning, so I pack a couple of bright scarves. Also a large scarf made of lightweight wool fabric, and if I get cold I just layer everything on. My latest travel discovery has been tops made from moisture-wicking material (like what's used in workout wear) which are very thin and lightweight for layering under the jacket, pack beautifully, and keep me dry if I work up a sweat, but don't have that cold clammy feeling to them. And they wash up in the sink like a dream and dry quickly. “ - Mary

“I always overpack, and the suitcases are so heavy. I spent three months in Australia and they did have really warm days and some cold nights. I used all the clothing but not the shoes. I am redoing my wardrobe and removing the extras that don't fit well or are really well worn and am putting together a very basic wardrobe which then will be suitable for packing as in Canada we have winter and summer wardrobes.I always wear sweaters or tops that is worn right next to the skin as I have fibro and I am really sensitive to temperatures. Simplification is now on my agenda. Thank you for your list , my next trip should be much lighter.” - Maria

Bring home small souvenirs only

“I spent 18 days in Italy with just a carry on and amazed my friends. I had NO interest in toting a large suitcase (or 2) around the hills of Cinque Terre! I do add a fold up bag within my carry on for "goodies' that I want to purchase & bring home. If I get a little carried away with my purchases I then throw my handbag into the fold up bag along with my new found goodies and use that as my "purse" for the plane trip home.” - Nancy

Skip the baggage carousel

Planepack striding out the airport

And my personal favourite - you can skip the baggage carousel and stride out of the airport ahead of the crowds. No more waiting anxiously for late luggage - or luggage that might not arrive. It was this last experience that set me on the flight path of light luggage. After five lost luggage experiences, I was ready to cut back to carry on only. I hope you will too; it’s so liberating!

With thanks to Sixty and Me for this feedback.

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