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What you need to know about a South Pacific island trip

What you need to know about a South Pacific island trip

The South Pacific

To escape a few days of the Canberra winter, Mr PetMan and I have booked a trip to New Caledonia. We're looking forward to spending a week in the South Pacific. Doesn't that sound wonderfully romantic? For me, the South Pacific conjures up images of Gaugin, French Polynesia and exotic paintings. I'm going to take my sketch book. Perhaps some of that artist's magic will rub off on me!

Pack your small bag

In New Caledonia, we'll be staying in Noumea as well as taking a side trip to Île des Pins. This is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago of New Caledonia. To add zest to our stay, we're catching the ferry boat one way - to Île des Pins - and a small plane the other way, back to Noumea.

The flight instructions for this island hop include advice on luggage: you may only board and fly with one small bag weighing 12 kilos. That's perfect for me: I'm flying light already with my one and only carry on bag. But how about you?

Josie's story

Thinking about light travel reminded me of Josie and her 'en plein air' small group tour. But what does South Pacific travel and small group tours have in common? Light luggage, of course. If you're considering a small group tour that involves a bus, you will most probably have to limit your luggage to only 12 kilos as well, just like our brief island hop flight.

I'm sure there are other travel instances that require you to limit your luggage to one small bag only. To get you into the habit of travelling with one small light bag only, I decided tell you Josie's story - with this short video. Mr PetMan says I sound like I'm reading the Seven O'clock News - and viewer warning, the introduction is a bit long, I promise to make it shorter next time - but I'll leave you to decide!

About the author

I'm Slobodanka Graham, digital publisher, content entrepreneur, extreme light traveller - and would be film director. If you liked this video, send me your idea for another in this series. I'm happy to roll the cameras!

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