How to plan, prepare and pack for your light travels. A one-on-one session.

How to plan, prepare and pack for your light travels. A one-on-one session.


How to benefit from travelling light.

Exclusive to Canberra! Planepack does house visits.

In this one-on-one session, I will take you through the planning, preparation and packing for your next trip. We work through all your requirements so that you can enjoy your travels with one carry on bag only.

We discuss what you need to take with you. We review your wardrobe. We consider toiletries and cosmetics. We even weigh the contents!

This fun, individual 3-hour session prepares you to enjoy your travels as a liberated light traveller. Ready for take off? Book in your personal Planepack session below.

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Why carry on travel is easier

  • Life is easier with one bag only: less chance of losing one bag or having it stolen.

  • You won’t have to wait in line to check in your bags.

  • It’s easier to travel and carry your bag into boats, trains, planes and buses.

  • Packing and unpacking are so easy: fewer clothes make for a simpler life. Minimalism reduces stress.

  • Lighter bags are much easier to carry

  • There’s less chance the airline might lose your bag.

  • Best of all, you no longer have to wait at the baggage carousel for a bag that might never appear: stride out of customs like a rock star!

Since 2010, I have flown and travelled with carry on luggage only. Yes, that’s 7kgs of clothes and cosmetics - and you can do it too. This is a practical and informative session in your own home. Working with you, I will advise on how you too can become a liberated light traveller.

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